Feel like relaxing at the sandbar with family or friends on a hot summer day? With The Gemlux® Shade and just a few clips to your outriggers, you can go from ultimate fishing machine to ultimate shade machine. The Gemlux® Shade can be attached to cover the aft of your boat, or even the bow by rotating your outriggers forward. No longer will your crew have to huddle under the T-Top to escape the sun on a hot day. Gemlux® Shade is perfect for getting some sanctuary from the blazing sun while kicking back at the sandbar or deep dropping for daytime swordfish. ** Please note our shade is ONLY compatible with our Gemlux® Outriggers & Bases.**

Shade Calculator


1) Distance Between REAR Attachment Points (in.):
2) Distance Between Bases (in.):
3) Distance From Bases To Front Edge Of T-Top (in.):
4) Distance Between FRONT Attachment Points (in.):
5) Outrigger Length (ft.):

Recommended shade:






Select Your Shade Size

As each boat is different, we ask that you provide the following measurements to ensure you get the proper sized shade for your boat. If you are unsure about how to find these measurements please watch our:

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